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Ceramic Life Review

Ceramic Life knives (say that 10 times fast) are a relatively new player in the industry. These are Korean made knives that are distributed throughout the U.S a…

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Miyako Ceramic Knives Review

Miyako Ceramic Knives¬†are the latest additions to my collection and my proudest discovery yet. Why? Simply for their 5 star quality at affordable prices. DET…

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IKEA Mussla Ceramic Knives

IKEA has released its version of the ceramic knife. They offer a 2 knife gift set retailed at $39.99. Not a bad price for 2 large ceramic knives. Does it live u…

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Yoshi Blade Review

The Yoshi Blade is a ceramic knife that can be found on TV and many local stores around town. Their commercial makes many of the claims that hold true to cerami…

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From the Blog

Proper Care For Ceramic Knives

The majority of questions we receive from this site seem to have a common theme. Most of our readers are…

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Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener

UPDATE:¬†This ceramic knife sharpener is now avaiable in the United States. Japan is know for having all the best gadgets before…

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Kyocera's Free Ceramic Knife Sharpening

Kyocera offers free knife re-sharpening on all their ceramic knife products. Sounds almost too good to be true! Nothing is…

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