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Kyocera’s Free Ceramic Knife Sharpening

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Kyocera offers free knife re-sharpening on all their ceramic knife products. Sounds almost too good to be true! Nothing is free nowadays but Kyocera’s service is pretty darn close.

My good old husband put a small chip on the blade of one of my knives. I didn’t even really notice it until he fessed up and told me about it. I thought that would be a fine opportunity to take advantage of Kyocera’s service and experience their customer service first hand.

For $10 you can send them up to 2 knives for resharpening. $5 more for an additional knife. That’s a very small price to pay and I believe that pretty much covers shipping costs. The knife had to be mailed to Costa Mesa, CA, about a 2 hour drive from where we live. (Glad I didn’t have to send it to Japan! haha!).

I had no idea how long it would take for them to sharpen and return my knife. To my surprise, 8 days later, the knife appeared at my doorstep with a nicely honed edge! Rather quick service and I got what felt like a brand new knife. The blade was razor sharp and the small chip was gone.

I have to say I am very pleased with what Kyocera is doing with there service. No hassle, and no questions asked service is what I experienced.

Here is a link to the form you’ll need to fill out and send with your knife. Believe me, it’s a very hassle free process.


  1. Solly Reply

    I bought two Kyocera ceramic knives and they are everything people say they are, but the UK company that sharpens them wrecked one of my knives, so the sharpening was not actually free of charge. The service was appalling too 6 weeks to get two knives back, and we had to chase them to achieve that. I will now ship my knives to another country to get them sharpened to get a quality job done.

  2. Sharon B Reply

    Thank you for providing this information. I was looking to purchase these knives for a gift and realized that I need to get my knives sharpened. …I have been using my knives non-stop for over a year..time to get them sharpened..

  3. Phil Reply

    I’ve had Kyocera ceramic knives small, medium, and large since 2005. Agree they are not replacements for steel knives but, for what they’re good for, they have no equal. My favorite uses are meat/fish trimming and veggie slicing. I just sent in eight of them with $10.00 to Kyocera for resharpening. They were back in my hands within 10 days, each one like new again. The micro-serrated tomato knife was replaced with a brand new one at no charge. I regard this as excellent service. I regard the knives as indispensable, even if they do require more care than steel knives.

    Out of curiosity, just purchased one of their top-of-the-line Kyotop Damascus kitchen knives. A little nuts, because this particular model costs about 4x what their equiv. white-bladed knife sells for. Whether or not it’s worth it can only be determined after some time has passed. Right now, all I can say it looks good, feels good, and works wonderfully. Will report in due course.

  4. Munich Reply

    I’ve been using my Kyocera Santoku knife daily for about 4 years now, and am starting to think about having it resharpened. It has some micro abrasions (tiny chips) on the edge, just as their website describes as normal behavior over time. It still cuts very well, just not as amazingly as it first did. As someone who made custom knives as a hobby in my younger years,(and still handles lots of cutting tools) and as an avid cook, I think I’m reasonably well-informed. This knife is a real pleasure to use. I gave them to all my siblings. As long as you pay attention to their instructions, and recognize that ceramic is easier to break than steel and don’t pry with it or drop it, you’ll be super pleased with how this knife performs. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

  5. Robert Reply

    Ceramic knives are cool but I personally still stick with metal knives, there not that finicky as far as usage and care.

  6. Robert Reply

    I don’t think there are places in Alaska for sharpening ceramic knife. I would just send it back to the manufactuer or try to do it yourself. Use a diamond sharpener and wear safety glasses incase it shatter on you.

  7. Darlene Reply

    I would NOT sharpen them myself as Robert suggested. It is very easy to pack it up and send it in for free sharpening. I just got back two of mine and am very happy. I love using these knives on things like oranges (for precise cutting) and fish. They are fabulous knives.

  8. Laurie Reply

    I bought a paring knife on a whim to see if I liked it. I cook for very large groups (up to 200) on week ends during the winter. Lots of slicing and dicing. Have used it non stop for 6 months. Still a great edge. Was Just going to send one off to my son in law, they’re vegetarians, so I know it would work fine. Was just wondering about sharpening. If Kyocera had someplace closer to them. Dallas/ Fort Worth, or only Costa Mesa?

  9. Doug Bambauer Reply

    My wife has been without her knives, which are out for sharpening, for three weeks. Been waiting on customer service to get back to me regarding their status (called 2 days ago) If this takes too much longer, I would consider making a different knife choice in the future.

  10. Mr Paul Reply

    It cost me $5.05 to ship to Kyocera via Priority Mail. They charge me $10 to ship it back. Obviously they are charging $4.95 for their “free” sharpening.

    Even taking precautions they go dull in a year of daily use .

  11. Mr.john m.sevilla Reply

    Where do I send my kyocera knives to be sharpened and repair , please send address to me. Have 12 inch chief knife for repair , and 10 inch, 8 inch knives to be sharpened. Having trouble finding an outlet from kyocera ,called Costa Mesa sharping at California, no one answered, called and called. Thank you, hope to hear from kyocera.

  12. Joseph Connaughton Reply

    I have been calling Kyocera every day, numerous times a day, for over a week.
    No one answers the phone or returns message calls

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