Hey, Keep My Knives Safe

After purchasing a few ceramic knives, I realized I didn’t have anywhere safe to store them. A knife block worried me too much about the possibility of chipping the blade against the hard wood. My knife drawer wasn’t even a consideration. Metal vs ceramic clinging together in a drawer didn’t settle right for me.

Then I came across this beauty. A knife block with universal slots! And the slots were made of plastic. Plastic vs ceramic, I’ll take ceramic as the one that will inflict the most damage to it’s counter part. Since I bought it, I’ve been using it to hold all my ceramic knives and they have all stayed in tip top shape.

The Kapoosh Knife Holder is made of stainless steel and adds a very modern look to the kitchen. What makes this different than any other knife block in the market is the way it hold the knives. Instead of pre cut slots to hold knives of a specific size, this block contains hundreds of soft plastic rods that allow you to put knives in any position in the block.

This YouTube video explains how it works. Let me warn you, the video is cheesy! 🙂

I have heard of people having problems with this block. In particular, it has problems with large knives such as cleavers and butcher’s knives. I can see how this could be an issue. I’d recommend using it to for your more expensive knives and keeping your cleavers elsewhere. I use my Kapoosh knife block for my ceramic knives only. It does a nice job of keeping them safe and it’s almost become a center of attention in my kitchen. It just looks so nice!

4 thoughts on “Hey, Keep My Knives Safe

  1. NO NAME

    Watch out what you cutting the food on. I was cutting up steak and it, also, cut my plate! LOL Now I need to get a new meat platter. It was a Corelle Meat Platter! Cut it right in two!

  2. Derek

    I put my Kyocera ceramic chef’s knife in a regular block sharp-side up. No chipping from the block. This would not work as well for paring knives (they will tilt more because they are shorter).

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