Kobe Master 3″ Paring Knife Review

I was shopping at one of my local home supply stores and came across an interesting product. For $10, there was a Kobe Master (that is the Brand) ceramic paring knife and a ceramic peeler, and it was the last one! I thought it was a typo too so I quickly put the last one in my basket and proceeded to checkout. After the cashier rang up the set, it turned out it was a typo. It wasn’t $10 for the set, it was only $5!!! I thought to myself, what a deal and what a perfect opportunity for a review.


This Kobe Master ceramic knife set didn’t include any details or technical specs to it. As you can see from the picture, the packaging only said the brand name. I’ll fill this section with my own specs, based on what I see with the knife and peeler.

One the outside, the set looks like a very cheap generic brand. The set was packaged in tight heavy plastic, the kind that is very hard to open without slicing your hand apart. After taking out the knife and peeler (and almost a finger), I found the knife and peeler wasn’t as cheaply made as I was expecting.

The rubbery handles on both the ceramic knife and the ceramic peeler had a nice grip to it. Both the ceramic knife and the ceramic peeler were extremely lightweight. I could hardly tell I was holding it. The handles had a nice ergonomic shape to it.

The blade it’s self looked like the Kyocera ceramic blades expect it lacked the iridescent of Kyocera blades. The edges were pretty sharp, although not quite as sharp as the Kyocera knives. The peeler had a very similar blade as the knife, also very sharp but not any sharper than any brand new peeler I’ve ever had.


I used this set to peel and mangoes as fast as I could, just to check if the knife or peeler would hold me back any. If you haven’t had mangoes before, they have a thicker skin that is sometimes difficult to peel with a peeler. To my surprise, the peeler worked very well! The blade isn’t as sharp as my Miyako or Kyocera ceramic knives, but it performed better than any peeler I have in my kitchen drawers. The ceramic knife it came with was also a pleasant surprise. It was sharp enough to rip apart the mangoes with ease.

This ceramic set, to my surprise, performed quite well together. The ceramic peeler and ceramic knife were both sharp enough to do the task I presented it. Only time will tell if this knife set actually keeps it’s sharp edge as long as a higher quality ceramic knife can. I’ll write an update to this post after a few months of heavy use. Stay tuned for the news.


At $10 retail (I actually paid $5), this is a set I can recommend buying. It does have some issues with it and it’s not the highest quality knife you’ll find, but it is an excellent bargain, even if you have to pay the full $10.

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  1. tudo

    Wow, what a great deal. If these knives ( ceramic in general )can be purchased inexpensively enough they would be great to use more often. Maybe an at home sharpener will be invented


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