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No Tears Cutting Onions?

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I’m making kefta kabobs tonight. It’s my first attempt and already I’m a little terrified just by looking at the recipe. The recipe calls for minced onion. We all know what that means…be prepared for a waterworks show! But rumor has it that using ceramic knives can cut down on those dreaded tears. Fact or fiction? Let’s put it to the test.

I bought the smallest onion I could find. As far as I know, the smaller, the fewer the tears. I begin by cutting off the ends and cutting it in half. So far so good! Next, I made thin slices and half-way through, I begin to tear up a little. Not too bad. I continue with the slicing and finish up by mincing. By this time, I’m left with teary eyes but not enough for tears to stream down my face. I must say, that was pretty awesome! That was the first good experience I’ve had with an onion.

I have only used my ceramic knife twice and I may already be convinced not to return it. It already seems to be superior to my regular kitchen knife. Just this experience alone is enough for me to keep it. I no longer have to be terrified of mincing onions. I don’t know the scientific reason behind how ceramic knives attribute to minimal tears. If I had to guess, it would simply be because of it’s razor sharp blade. Each slice is so clean and precise. That’s the trend I’ve been noticing with these knives. Again, there is no odor left behind. I’m already in love with ceramic knives!


  1. Siddis Reply

    To avoid tears stick your tongue out while cutting onions. Looks a bit stupid, but works like a charm

    Reason is when you cut onions an invisible gas-like substance is released that will rise up and stick to the first moist surface it passes. Mouth closed this is your eyes, but with a wet tongue out it won’t ever reach that far 😉

  2. Lulabelle Reply

    Also, do not cut into the rooted end of the onion…start cutting at the sprouting end & work your way back to the root. This minimizes the fumes

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